About dyna

not only the thing of 2t but also thing of 3t had the maximum load capacity, and, as a lineup of the rent-a-car supplier including the Toyota Renta lease, there was a vehicle installation car of panel van of 2t, flat body, dump truck and greatest load capacity 3t, but, by license system revision on June 2, 2007, as for part of the Dyna truck, the driving with the new normal license became impossible. The short flat body exists like a 1t car as well as an in-vehicle car in the 3t heaping up. It becomes the T4 class of the Dyna by Toyota Renta lease that a new normal license driver is not available.
I use the chassis of the Toyopet truck RK23 type which is the pickup truck of 1-1.5 tons of products that carried an R type gasoline engine in 1956 (stout in the back) and announce the cicada under-seat engine type that can earn the length of the carrier more and "the Toyopet route truck RK52 model" that I did. This becomes the origin of the Dyna.
The new route truck powered up an R type engine from 48HP to 55HP more in the cab of the new design with the front windshield of the curved surface one piece glass and was opposed to the offensive of rivals.
It was plain, and butter was more stinking than the Toyo ace who persisted in practical use, and the styling full of the sense of quality depended on cooperation of Kanto Auto Works, and Kanto Auto Works,Ltd was in charge of the production.